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Edward T. Ruppel

The leading edge of the Cordilleran fold and thrust in southwest Montana appears to be a continuation of the edge of the Wyoming thrust belt, projected northward beneath the Snake River Plain. Trces of the thrust faults that form the leading edge of the thrust belts are mostly concealed, but stratigraphic and structural evidence suggests that the belt enters Montana near the middle of the Centennial Mountains, continues west along the Red Rock River valley, and swings north into the Highland Mountains near Butte. The thrust belt in southwest Montana and east-central Idaho includes at least two major plates -- the Medicine Lodge and Grasshopper thrust plates -- each of which contains a distinctive sequence of rocks,...
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The digital ARC/INFO databases included in this websiteprovide a GIS database for the geologic map of theDillon 1 degree by 2 degree quadrangle of southwestMontana and east-central Idaho. The geologic mapwas orginally published as U.S. Geological SurveyMiscellaneous Investigations Series Map I-1803-H.This website directory contains ARC/INFO format filesthat can be used to query or display the geology ofUSGS Map I-1803-H with GIS software.
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