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Dave Theobald

An estimated value for the ability of managers to dirct actions to protect, restore, or mitigate species and habitats. We recognize that our preliminary estimates are arbitrary and fairly approximate, but argue that making these explicit within a framework will enable stakeholders and managers to conduct subsequent analyses to better support their decision making.
For the Green River Basin Landscape Conservation Design (GRB LCD) assessment, we mapped the vulnerability of the sagebrush ecosystem to oil and gas development for each 12-digit hydrologic unit. Using a vulnerability framework, we defined Sensitivity (S) as the multi-scale average of sagebrush ecosystem land cover derived from LANDFIRE Existing Vegetation Type (LANDFIRE 2014). Exposure (E) to oil and gas development was quantified as the average kernel density of active oil and gas wells at multiple scales. Potential Impact (PI) is the square root transformed product of oil and gas development exposure and sagebrush ecosystem sensitivity. Adaptive Capacity (AC) for sagebrush ecosystem was quantified as the inverse...
The landscape permeability model represents the structural connectivity of sagebrush ecosystem habitat in the Green River Basin (including ~5-10 km boundary outside of the GRB. This model connects patches of habitat, across the landscape using resistances that represent the degree of human modification and slope (energetic costs), using the Multi-Scale Landscape Permeability model (Theobald et al. 2012; Theobald unpublished). We used two metrics: (a) patch importance and (b) betweeness centrality amongst patches. These metrics were summarized for each HUC12. This dataset represents the vulnerability of sagebrush ecosystem permeability to human modification summarized for each HUC12 watershed within the Green River...
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