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A digital magnetic anomaly database and map for the NorthAmerican continent is the result of a joint effort by theGeological Survey of Canada (GSC), U. S. Geological Survey(USGS), and Consejo de Recursos Minerales of Mexico (CRM). Thedatabase and map represent a substantial upgrade from theprevious compilation of magnetic anomaly data for NorthAmerica, now over a decade old.This report presents three unique, gridded data sets used tomake the magnetic anomaly map of North America. All threegrids have 1-km spacing and are projected to the DNAGprojection. These grids are provided in Geosoft binary gridformat, with two files describing each of the grids (suffixes.grd and .gi).The first grids (NAmag_origmrg.grd and USmag_origmrg.grd)...
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