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Clark, Tim W

Black-footed ferrets (Mustela nigripes) excavate subsoil from black-tailed prairie dog (Cynomys ludovicianus) burrows and deposit it in unique piles. Black-tailed prairie dogs tend to fill in or "plug" burrows visited or occupied by ferrets (Hillman 1968, Henderson et al. 1969, Fortenbery 1972). In this paper, we describe the configuration, rate of production, persistence, and seasonality of ferret diggings and rate of burrow plugging by prairie dogs within white-tailed prairie dog (C. leucurus) colonies. Published in Journal of Wildlife Management, volume 48, issue 4, on pages 1441 - 1444, in 1984.
Eighty-six scats were analyzed to determine food habits of wild black- footed ferrets (Mustela nigripes). Most scats were collected during winter (N = 27) and spring (N = 27); scats from summer (N = 2), autumn (N = 2) and from undetermined seasons (N = 28) accounted for the remainder. White-tailed prairie dog remains oc- curred in 87% of all scats. Mouse remains were found in 6% and lagomorph remains in 3 % of scats. Published in American Midland Naturalist, volume 117, issue 1, on pages 208 - 210, in 1987.
The architecture of burrows of the white-tailed prairie dog (Cynomys leucurus) is poorly known. For this reason and for comparative purposes, one recenlty active burrow of this species was excavated in southern Montana; the detailed methodology is described. Data were compiled on the dimensions of 29.3 m of excavated passages, and interpretations of several features are discussed. A ""turning bay,"" sleeping quarters, two hibernacula, and a maternity area are described, the last feature for the first time in print. In addition, we report Cynomys using their teeth to dig, also for the first time. Further, an inadvertent remodeling of the burrows is ascribed to normal animal traffic and appears to confirm a prediction...
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