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Caribbean Naturalist

Solanum conocarpum (Solanaceae) (Marron Bacora) is a rare, dry-forest shrub endemic to the island of St. John, US Virgin Islands, considered for listing under the Endangered Species Act. Given its status as a species of conservation concern, we incorporated environmental characteristics of 3 observed populations and 5 additional known locations into a geographic information system (GIS) analysis to create a habitat-suitability model for the species on the island of St. John. Our model identified 1929.87 ha of highly suitable and moderately suitable habitat. Of these, 1161.20 ha (60.2%) occurred within the boundaries of Virgin Islands National Park. Our model provides spatial information on potential locations for...
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Governmental and nongovernmental organizations charged with managingnatural resources increasingly emphasize the need to work across jurisdictional boundaries.Their challenge is to manage shifting resources under rapidly changing climate andland-use scenarios. Scientists, resource managers, and conservation planners, and theirorganizations and agencies routinely collaborate on projects to solve specific problems.Cooperative frameworks to programmatically address complex social–environmental issuesand develop shared research, planning, and implementation priorities are relatively new.One such framework includes 22 Landscape Conservation Cooperatives that encompass the US, Caribbean countries, and bordering regions...
Throughout the Caribbean, conservation is ecologically, politically, and sociallychallenging due to a number of factors including globalization, climate change, loss ofbiodiversity, and the spread of invasive species. Relationships between organizations andinstitutions that govern the region’s natural and cultural resources are key to conservationsuccess as partners work to implement plans to meet science, capacity, and informationneeds. However, the complex challenges involved in conservation work and tenuous relationshipsamong organizations can result in a “knowing–doing gap”. Empirical evidencefrom 130 Caribbean conservation organizations indicates that barriers to bridging this gapare lack of information and...
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