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Brent Brock

In 2007, American Wildlands (Bozeman, MT) initiated a "Priority Linkage Assessment" (PLA) through which we have identified, cataloged and prioritized the threats to, and opportunities for, maintaining connectivity in the U.S. Northern Rockies (Montana, Idaho and Wyoming). The process involved interviewing wildlife movement and connectivity experts from state and federal agencies, and independent biologists with proven knowledge of wide-ranging wildlife. The experts were asked to use their professional and personal experience in the field (knowledge of related scientific studies and their own field research) to identify important areas of wildlife connectivity ("linkages" - defined as as a specific area through which...
Native American tribes are interested in managing their homelands for future generations, using both Indigenous and western science to make decisions in culturally appropriate ways. In particular, there is interest in strategic grazing management as a natural climate solution to strengthen the resilience of grasslands to a changing climate. This includes the restoration of free-ranging bison as well as the management of cattle (and domestic bison) in ways that approximate wild bison grazing behavior, to capture similar ecological and climate change benefits. Despite the growing interest in grazing management as a tool for grassland resilience and soil health, there has not been a systematic synthesis that directly...
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