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Arthur Gross

Reliable information on historical and current population dynamics is central to understanding patterns of growth and decline in animal populations. We developed a maximum likelihood-based analysis to estimate spatial and temporal trends in age/sex-specific survival rates for the threatened southern sea otter (Enhydra lutris nereis), using annual population censuses and the age structure of salvaged carcass collections. We evaluated a wide range of possible spatial and temporal effects and used model averaging to incorporate model uncertainty into the resulting estimates of key vital rates and their variances. We compared these results to current demographic parameters estimated in a telemetry-based study conducted...
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The treatment of contaminated wounds in order to prevent infection has not varied remarkably for several decades. Although much effort has been directed towards finding a more satisfactory treatment, these efforts have generally resulted in failure or in minimal improvement.Studies at this Institute have shown that pressure pulsating water lavage can remove debris and bacteria more effectively than the conventional irrigating syringe, it is well tolerated by tissues, does not cause bacteremia and, when usedwith certain antibiotics, is an effective means of wound management.1-8 The use of various antibiotics and detergents as topical applications or in irrigating solutions has also been tested elsewhere.9-20 Studies...
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