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Appalachian Landscape Conservation Cooperative

Find here the Agenda and recorded Webinar from the June 29th Quarterly TRBN call
Data layers pertaining to the management, restoration, or acquisition designations of state, federal, and non-government organizations (e.g., Focus Areas, Opportunity Areas, Priority Areas, Outstanding Natural Areas) along with the conservation estate (i.e. protected lands) within the Mississippi River Basin and intended to support development of the Multi-LCC Mississippi River Basin/Gulf Hypoxia Initiative’s Conservation Blueprint.
The Data Needs Assessment research project was undertaken to review the variety of resources on conservation planning to provide packages of products, data, and identified data gaps to improve conservation planning in the Appalachian LCC. A suite of core conservation planning products and data from principal investigators at Clemson University are now available to the Cooperative.“Deliverables from this research include:An analysis of State Wildlife Action Plans in the Appalachian LCC that describe how information contained in these plans can be linked to integrate state and local-scale efforts into a regional conservation framework;A list of 21 conservation planning tools, describing function and relevance of each...
This document contains a list of the bat species that regularly use caves and mines in the Appalachian LCC region, federal status of these species, and sources of bat data.
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