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Alaska Dept. of Fish and Game

The Joint Technical Committee (JTC) of the United States and Canada serves as a scientific advisory body to the Yukon River Panel. The JTC discusses harvest and escapement goals, management trends, post-season reviews and pre-season outlooks, and results of cooperative research projects. The report summarizes the status of salmon stocks (Chinook, coho, summer and fall chum salmon) in 2006 with reference to historical data, presents an outlook for the 2007 season, and provides data on the utilization of salmon species by commercial and subsistence (aboriginal) harvests, personal use (domestic) and sport (recreational) fishery. The report further compiles summaries of Yukon River projects (e.g., mark-recapture, sonar,...
Alaska Earthquake March 27, 1964. Opening torn by seismic waves in the barrier beach of a large lake along the shore of Iahut Bay on Afognak Island. Channel scour and subsidence of at least 6 feet permit sea water to enter the basin at all stages of tide. Note partially submerged trees along the inner margins of the beach spits and small new rockslide along bluff in the background. Izhut Bay, Afognak Island, Kodiak District, Southwestern Alaska Region, Alaska, 1964. Photo by Alaska Dept. of Fish and Game, 1964. Published in U.S. Geological Survey Professional paper 543-D, Figure 20, p. D36. 1966.
Spawner-recruit analyses were performed for Salcha River and Chena River chinook salmon populations using escapement and harvest data
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