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Summary Since the current use of fossil fuels (coal and oil) and nuclear fuels are either too costly or arise from nonrenewable fuel resources or result in too great an adverse environmental imapct, the search goes on for renewable, non-polluting and economical alternative energy sources. In this chapter I present potential alternate solutions to the use of fossil and nuclear fuels and the adverse environmental effects they create. The reader is urged to attempt to use any of these suggested alternatives in applications suitable to their particular situations.
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In this project on future sustainable transport alternatives a two-step search process has been followed. First an analysis of critical success and failure factors of new technological options in passenger transport is made. These factors are found in the spatial, institutional, economic and social/psychological environment of the transport system. Next, systematically structured and expert based scenarios are con- structed in order to achieve a sustainable transport system in the year 2030 in which possible, expected and desired developments in the distinct fields are analyzed. Finally some policy conclusions are drawn.
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