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Leo G Nico

This dataset provides supporting information for the species distribution data used in the associated manuscript. Collections of five non-native fish species were made by a number of institutions, and several capture techniques were used. This dataset also includes number of individuals of each species captured at each locality.
The dataset consists of information on the occurrence of Asian swamp eels in live food markets. The data are from original surveys conducted by Leo G. Nico and colleagues. The surveys were conducted across the USA over the period 2001 to 2018. The dataset includes summary data on the numbers of markets surveyed each year, numbers and names of cities/metropolitan areas where surveys were conducted, and numbers of markets with and without live swamp eels.
Data represent dependent and independent variables used in logistic modeling for a study entitled "Evaluating Establishment Success of Non-native Fishes Introduced to Inland Aquatic Habitats of Tropical Pacific Islands." The phases of invasion of nonnative species are transport, introduction, establishment, and spread. To understand likelihood of establishment of species moved to new regions, investigators often use analytical methods that include life-history attributes, ecophysiological parameters, distributional factors, propagule pressure, introduction pathways, and other salient features that contribute to successful establishment. Introductions that fail to result in establishment are often unknown. In this...
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