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Katelyn M Lawson

This dataset provides supporting information for the species distribution data used in the associated manuscript. Collections of five non-native fish species were made by a number of institutions, and several capture techniques were used. This dataset also includes number of individuals of each species captured at each locality.
Data represent a comparison of herding techniques commonly used by natural resource agencies and the public to increase removal or harvest of invasive carp (i.e., Silver Carp) from U.S. waterways. Sites on lower Perche Creek, Columbia, MO (2018 August 9th to 2018 October 26th) were contained using block nets and treated with one of five herding techniques: (1) method commonly used by commercial fishers in the U.S. (“commercial technique”), (2) pulsed-DC electrofishing (“electric technique”), (3) broadband sound administered with underwater speakers (“sound technique”), (4) both sound and electric in combination (“combination technique”), and (5) solely the boat with no added stimulus (“control”). Sites were administered...
The dataset consists of count data derived from a series of sonar images. The data are fish counts per image from 1) a computerized process to extract fish counts, and 2) three manual assessors. Each image has a total of four associated fish counts.
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