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Owen P Mckenna

Grasslands, and the depressional wetlands that exist throughout them, are endangered ecosystems that face both climate and land-use change pressures. Tens of millions of dollars are invested annually to manage the existing fragments of these ecosystems to serve as critical breeding habitat for migratory birds. The North American Prairie Pothole Region (PPR) contains millions of depressional wetlands that produce between 50% and 80% of the continent’s waterfowl population. Previous modeling efforts suggested that climate change would result in a shift of suitable waterfowl breeding habitat from the central to the southeast portion of the PPR, an area where over half of the depressional wetlands have been drained....
Categories: Publication; Types: Citation
The application of two management strategies were tested across nine, Class III, wetland catchments located at the Woodworth Study Area (Stutsman County, ND). This field study took place during 2014 and 2015. 2014 was a pre-treatment year and snow measurements were taken in all experimental catchments in the late February 2015, before treatments were applied. Temporary electric fences were installed surrounding each wetland catchment to exclude them from grazing that took place on the management unit in 2015. All the catchments had been managed in a similar manner since purchased by USFWS in 1964. The primary management strategy of the wetland catchments from 1964–2013 was non-use with occasional prescribed burning....
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