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Ian S Pearse

Research Ecologist

Fort Collins Science Center

Office Phone: 970-226-9145
Fax: 970-226-9230
ORCID: 0000-0001-7098-0495

2150 Centre Avenue
Building C
Fort Collins , CO 80526-8118

Supervisor: Steve Hanser
Data were collected on plant abundance in Illinois with the goal of determining correlations between the abundance of dominant plant taxa and other plant species.
Data were collected in 2017 by researchers at the USGS, USDA-ARS, and University of Wyoming on the food webs of plants, prairie dogs, arthropods, and birds in the Thunder Basin National Grassland. Data were collected from 87 sites in order to parameterize a structural equation model linking prairie dog impacts to changes in vegetation, arthropods, and birds. Abiotic information such as topographic wetness index, terrain roughness, and soil characteristics were estimated at the same set of plots in order to account for abiotic variation across the landscape.
Data were collected on seed production dynamics of long-lived plants, reproductive plant traits of those plant species, and weather variability for sites where those species live. Data include the coefficient of variation in seed production over time, the variation (coefficient of variation or standard deviation) in weather over years, and reproductive traits such as pollination mode and seed dispersal mechanism. Data series were distributed globally and encompass 920 data series containing 311 plant species. Data series are all 6 or more years in length.
A dataset of caterpillar performance in an experiment manipulating mean and variance of xanthotoxin levels in diet. Caterpillar growth, development time, and egg production of mated females is presented. Data were collected by all authors in 2017 in a laboratory at Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO.
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