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Jessica K Leet

Adult largemouth bass have been shown to be sensitive to induction of intersex in response to chronic estrogen exposures over a complete reproductive cycle. Late summer to fall is the period of early gonad recrudescence when spermatogenesis is beginning in preparation for the spawning season in the spring. Our objective was to assess in 2018 whether early gonad recrudescence was a period of sensitivity for induction of intersex and/or alterations in reproductive condition or function. Adult male largemouth bass were exposed in outdoor pond mesocosms from post-spawning to early gonad recrudescence to either 17alpha-ethinylestradiol or to a mixture of endocrine-active substances commonly detected in the Chesapeake...
This data describes the relative luminescence units and relative fluorescence units of lysates of two estrogen responsive chemically-activated luciferase expression human breast VM7Luc4E2 and VM7LucERbc9 cells which were exposed for 24 hours to estrone and 17beta-estradiol dilutions alone and in mixture with atrazine or water extracts collected from dilutor tanks during a fish exposure study utilizing estrone and atrazine. The data for corresponding measurements of estrone in the water extracts by liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry are also shown. This data also describes relative fluorescence units of bovine serum albumin standards which were used to convert the relative fluorescence units of the cell lysates...
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