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Lucas J Driver


Lower Mississippi-Gulf Water Science Center

Office Phone: 501-228-3600
ORCID: 0000-0003-2549-1849

401 Hardin Rd
401 Hardin Road
Little Rock , AR 72211-3528

Supervisor: James R Rigby
Attention: minor changes to the title, citation, and attached files of this data release were made on 2/14/2020. See the attached file 'Revisions_2_14_2020.pdf' for details. Water management and conservation efforts can benefit from scientifically-derived guidelines for the permitting of water withdrawals that maintain the ecological health in streams while simultaneously maximizing water availability for industry, agriculture, drinking water, and waste treatment. Data contained within this data release builds upon the previous framework developed by Knight and others (2008, 2012, 2014, 2016) that established flow-ecology relationships in the Blue Ridge, Ridge and Valley, Interior Plateau, and Cumberland Plateau...
The Yellowcheek darter (YCD), Nothonotus moorei (Robison and Buchanan 2020), is endemic to the headwater tributaries (a.k.a. ‘forks’) of Little Red River system (South Fork, SF; Middle Fork, MF; Archey Fork, AF; and Beech Fork, BF) in north central Arkansas. Large portions of critical stream habitat in each stream fork were inundated in 1964 with the construction of Greers Ferry Dam, and the YCD is now restricted to relatively short, free-flowing stretches of each fork upstream of the dam. YCD were once reported as the most abundant riffle species in these headwater tributaries (Robison and Harp 1981), however, multiple status surveys and collection efforts in the decades since dam construction have documented a...
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