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Michael Schwartz

Estimates of county tile drainage in the Mississippi River Basin. Data Sources: 2012 USDA NASS Census of Agriculture; World Resources Institute. 2008. Assessing Farm Drainage; USGS Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center. 2014. Assessment of agricultural subsoil pattern tile drainage on wetland hydrology and ecosystem services in the Prairie Pothole Region. Field Description tiled_acre Acres drained by tile (NASS Census of Agriculture, 2012) or drainage permit acres in Dakotas (NPWRC, 2014), whichever is higher. pct_tile Percent of county drained by tile (tiled_acre/cty_acr*100) prmtac2 Acres under drainage permit in North or South Dakota (NPWRC, 2014). Best_Guess Acres drained by tile (WRI - Assessing...
Important Forest Resource Areas are those landscape areas that are considered to be of high program potential or priority by State Forest Action Plans, and as defined by National Forest Stewardship Program Standards and Guidelines. This dataset contains the combined areas for Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, and Wisconsin within the Mississippi River Basin. Grid Value "1": Stewardship Potential - Areas within a state that are eligible for Forest Stewardship and Rural Forestry Assistance Program delivery, but are not considered a priority. Grid Value "2": High Stewardship Potential - Priority areas within a state that are eligible for Forest Stewardship and Rural Forestry Assistance Program delivery.
Mainstem Mississippi River bottomlands. Derived by combining the Mississippi alluvial plain with natural floodplains created by the Scientific Assessment and Strategy Team for the Upper Mississippi. While the Mississippi alluvial plain is not entirely bottomland (e.g. Crowley's Ridge), excluding these non-bottomland areas from analysis would exclude opportunities to expand existing forest patches and enhance connectivity.
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