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Robert F Miller

information Technology Specialist

Central Energy Resources Science Center

Office Phone: 303-236-1612
ORCID: 0000-0002-4834-2224

DFC Bldg 25
Box 25046
Denver Federal Center
Denver , CO 80225-0046

Supervisor: Gregory Gunther
The data release encapsulates geospatial data in support of the regional scale study, Coal Geology and Assessment of Coal Resources and Reserves in the Little Snake River coal field and Red Desert assessment area, Greater Green River Basin, Wyoming. The assessment area covers about 2,300 square miles of the Eastern portion of the 15,400 square mile Greater Green River Basin in Southwestern Wyoming. This release includes geospatial data for the study area boundary, depth to coal, thickness of coal, outcrops and reliability. These data were compiled from numerous sources, the primary one being a database of point data that resides in a separate data release.
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