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Matthew Heller


Office Phone: 406-994-7333
Webinar recording of the LCC DMWG Monthly Meeting (6/29/2017).
This CED spatial web service (ESRI ArcGIS Online Hosted Feature Layer) provides spatial representations and attribute information of conservation efforts entered into the Conservation Efforts Database ( by various data providers. This spatial web service is made of point, line, and polygon layers and non-spatial tables. Feature records are group with their respective spatial feature type layers (point, line, polygon). The three spatial layers have identical attribute fields. Read only access to this data is ONLY available via an interactive web map on the Conservation Efforts Database website or authorized websites. Users who are interested in more access can directly contact the...
Webinar recording of the LCC DMWG Weekly Meeting (10/23/2017)
The Great Northern Landscape Conservation Cooperative (GNLCC) encompasses over 280 million acres, includes parts of 6 states and 2 Canadian provinces, and must address issues that overlap with over 30 management and research entities. The data management framework will include options to deal with very large datasets as well as treatment of local data collection and project tracking efforts. The goal of the Landscape Conservation Cooperative process is to help resource managers address landscape-scale stressors. The issues facing these managers include habitat fragmentation, genetic isolation, spread of invasive species, and water scarcity, as well as how these issues are accelerated by climate change. Addressing...
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