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Jen Watkins

This Final Report covers accomplishments for specified objectives and deliverables for a multi-year project (see attached report). We present connectivity map products developed by an ongoing, crossborder collaboration to assess landscape permeability for wildlife in the Okanagan-Kettle subregion. Additionally, we discuss two linkage areas within the subregion where we applied our findings to help inform on-the-ground connectivity conservation planning, and we discuss the application of a Decision Support System (DSS) to inform fine-scale linkage design and monitoring. This Final Report fulfills deliverables for USFWS GNLCC contractual agreement number F14AP01039.
A rapidly changing climate and expanding human footprint is driving increased rates of landscape change in the Pacific Northwest. This makes it challenging for managers to know if and to what extent recovery goals and conservation plans for at-risk species need to be modified to account for changing habitat conditions. Addressing this challenge requires accurate, up-to-date information about landscape change and how it affects the habitat and viability of at-risk species. In addition, managers need to be alerted when trends in habitat conditions approach key ecological thresholds, in order to determine if management goals and plans need to be modified in response to these changes. The goal of this project is to...
This project supports completion of operational scale connectivity analyses within identified priority linkage areas in the British Columbia–Washington transboundary subregion (from the Cascades crest eastward through the Kettle River Range within the Columbia Mountains). Our efforts are building upon previous investments by the Great Northern Landscape Conservation Cooperative and independent analyses that identified the major fracture zones within this landscape and the most important linkage areas to maintain or restore connectivity including those expected to be resilient to climate change.
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