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Rice, John A

GS0401-Bio & Natrl Resc Sci Administrator

Office Phone: 801-524-3685
Fax: 801-524-3148
Protecting the nation’s natural and cultural resources and landscapes is essential to sustaining our quality of life and economy. Native fish and wildlife species depend on healthy rivers, streams, wetlands, forests, grasslands and coastal areas in order to thrive. Managing these natural and cultural resources and landscapes, however, has become increasingly complex. Land use changes and impacts such as drought, wildfire, habitat fragmentation, contaminants, pollution, invasive species, disease and a rapidly changing climate can threaten human populations as well as native species and their habitats. Landscape Conservation Cooperatives (LCCs) are public-private partnerships that recognize these challenges transcend...
The Sage Steppe Partner Forum (SSPF) is requesting funding for technical support services to upgrade and enhance the Sage Steppe Partner Forum wiki and engage partners in coordinated sage-steppe conservation planning and implementation. SSPF will enhance communication resources to better serve biome-wide coordinated conservation implementation as four LCCs and partners initiate the Sagebrush Conservation Science Network.
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