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Jeffrey R Kennedy

Research Hydrologist

Arizona Water Science Center

Office Phone: 928-556-7087
Fax: 928-556-7112
ORCID: 0000-0002-3365-6589

Building 3
2255 North Gemini Drive
Flagstaff , AZ 86001

Supervisor: Jamie P Macy
During the March-May 2014 Colorado River Delta pulse flow, approximately 102??106 m3 (82,000 acre-feet) of water was released into the channel at Morelos Dam, with additional releases further downstream. The majority of pulse flow water infiltrated and recharged the regional aquifer. Using groundwater-level and microgravity data we mapped the spatial and temporal distribution of changes in aquifer storage associated with pulse flow. Surface-water losses to infiltration were greatest around the Southerly International Boundary, where a lowered groundwater level owing to nearby pumping created increased storage potential as compared to other areas with shallower groundwater. Groundwater levels were elevated for several...
Geophysical methods were used to monitor infiltration during a water release, referred to as a “pulse flow”, in the Colorado River delta in March and April 2014. The pulse flow was enabled by Minute 319 of the 1944 United States-Mexico Treaty concerning water of the Colorado River. Field work was carried out by the U.S. Geological Survey and the Centro de Investigación Científica y de Educación Superior de Ensenada as part of a binational effort to monitor the hydrologic effects of the pulse flow along the limitrophe (border) reach of the Colorado River, and into Mexico. Repeat microgravity measurements were made at 25 locations in the southern limitrophe reach to quantify aquifer storage change during the pulse...
Controlled source audio-frequency magnetotellurics (CSAMT) data were collected in the Big Chino Valley and Paulden areas, Yavapai County, Arizona, to better understand the hydrogeology of the area. CSAMT data provide vertical cross-section (profile) data about the resistivity of the subsurface, which may be related to lithologic boundaries and (or) grain-size distribution in the subsurface. CSAMT involves transmitting a current at various frequencies in one location, and measuring resistivity differences between electrodes spaced along a receiver line several kilometers from the transmitter. Data were collected using a GGT-30 transmitter and GDP32-II receiver (Zonge international. Inc.). Data processing and inversions...
This dataset represents the network-adjusted results of relative- and absolute-gravity surveys. Relative-gravity surveys were carried out using a Zero Length Spring, Inc. Burris relative-gravity meter. The effect of solid Earth tides and ocean loading were removed from the data. Instrument drift was removed by evaluating gravity change during repeated measurements at one or more base stations. Absolute-gravity surveys were carried out using a Micro-g LaCoste, Inc. A-10 absolute-gravity meter. Vertical gradients between the different measuring heights of the absolute- and relative-gravity meters were measured using a relative-gravity meter and tripod, and used to correlate the measurements between the two instruments....
Monitoring and modeling very large, rapid infiltration using geophysics during the 2014 Lower Colorado River pulse flow experiment In March and April 2014, an unprecedented experiment released over 100x106 cubic meters (81,000 acre-feet) of water from Morelos Dam into the normally-dry lower Colorado River below Yuma, Arizona, USA. More than half of the water released from Morelos Dam infiltrated within the limitrophe reach, a 32-km stretch between the Northern U.S.-Mexico International Boundary and the Southern International Boundary, a distance of just 32 river-kilometers. To characterize the spatial and temporal extent of infiltration, scientists from the US Geological Survey, Centro de Investigación Científica...
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