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James L Kennedy


Upper Midwest Water Science Center

Office Phone: 608-821-3813
Fax: 608-821-3817

Supervisor: Chris A Sanocki
Interannual differences in the water quality of Anvil Lake, WI, were examined to determine how water level and climate affect the hydrodynamics and trophic state of shallow lakes, and their importance compared to anthropogenic changes in the watershed. To determine how changes in water level may affect these processes, the General Lake Model (GLM) was used to simulate how the lake’s thermal structure should change in response to changes in water level using R. This dataset includes the data inputs to the GLM model and the direct outputs from the model. Model Calibration (GLM_CalibrationZ); Simulation of with Deep Lake and Cold Weather (GLM_Deep_Cold_SimulationZ); Simulation of with Deep Lake and Hot Weather (GLM_Deep_Hot_SimulationZ);...
Three eutrophication models (mass balance, BATHUB, and Jensen models) were developed and calibrated for the Winnebago Pools, Wisconsin. These models were used to quantify the input of phosphorus from the sediments of the lakes, and determine how the water quality (total phosphorus concentration, chlorophyll a concentrations, and Secchi depth) should respond to changes in phosphorus loading from the watershed. Each of the models were developed using flow and phosphorus inputs from internal and external sources. This data release is subdivided into 4 parts: 1) Lake Winnebago water-quality data; 2) Mass balance of water and phosphorus for Lake Winnebago, with estimated internal loading of phosphorus estimates; 3) BATHTUB...
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