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Brian R Gray

Research Statistician (Biology)

Upper Midwest Environmental Sciences Center

Office Phone: 608-781-6234
Fax: 608-783-6066
ORCID: 0000-0001-7682-9550

UMESC - Laboratory/Office - #1
2630 Fanta Reed Road
La Crosse , WI 54603

Supervisor: Christopher Churchill
Vegetation and breeding birds were sampled in Upper Mississippi River floodplain forest edge and interior areas to (1) measure Phalaris cover and (2) evaluate if the breeding bird assemblage responded to differences in Phalaris cover or other forest structure variables. Data are counts of birds collected during 3 surveys within 50m at each site using 10 minute point count methods. Vegetation was sampled using a releve technique at the bird count point within 10m of the point.
Net sedimentation rates were obtained for backwaters of the Upper Mississippi River in Pools 4, 8, and 13 by measuring annual bed elevation changes along transects between 1997 and 2001. Average sedimentation rates (cmּyr�1) during the 5-yr period were lower than most previously reported rates in backwaters of the River, with means of –0.08 (standard error [SE] = 0.18) in Pool 4, 0.21 (SE = 0.10) in Pool 8, and 0.47 (SE = 0.26) in Pool 13.�Poolwide estimated mean sedimentation rates in the terrestrial areas adjacent to backwaters appeared higher, ranging from 0.32 (SE = 0.14) to 0.78 (SE = 0.25) cmּyr�1, but were not significantly different than rates in aquatic areas.�When averaged over the study period, sedimentation...
We applied Zequanox using a custom-engineered, boat mounted application system to replicated 0.30 Hectare plots within a small inland lake. The objectives of these applications were to determine if uncontained, open-water Zequanox applications could effectively control zebra mussel populations and protect native unionid mussel populations within zebra mussel infested systems. The datasets included are as follows: Exposure Water Chemistry Hardness and Alkalinity Native Mussel Sonde Water Chemistry Zebra Mussel Density Zebra Mussel Length Zebra Mussel Mortality Zequanox Concentration ShapeFiles: PLOTS, UNIONID, ZEQUANOX CONCENTRATION, ZM_DENSITY, ZM_MORTALITY
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