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Robin E Russell

Research Statistician

National Wildlife Health Center

Office Phone: 608-270-2474
Fax: 608-270-2415
ORCID: 0000-0001-8726-7303

6006 Schroeder Road
Madison , WI 53711-6223

Supervisor: Katherine L Richgels
These data were collected as part of a field trial to test the effectiveness of a sylvatic plague vaccine (see Rocke et al., 2017 for details). Vaccine and control plots were selected randomly from the available pairs at each location. Baits containing Rhodamine B, a biomarker, were distributed at each plot. At least 1 week and no more than 2 months post-baiting each year, local collaborators captured, marked, and sampled prairie dogs. Hair and whisker samples were collected from up to 50 unique prairie dogs from each plot each year. Sex, age, weight, and the identity of all current-year and prior-year recaptures were recorded for each captured animal. In the laboratory, hair/whiskers were assessed for the presence...
These data represent capture mark recapture data from toads, and results of testing for Bd (Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis) the pathogen that causes amphibian chytridiomycosis on individuals. The data span from 2004-2016 at three sites in Montana where boreal toads were declining. The data also include temperature measurements at the sites and information on the egg counts and Bd prevalence from Columbia spotted frogs that are co-occurring at one of the sites.
These data represent characteristics of trees used by Northern long-eared bats as roosts at three sites in Wisconsin, as well as characteristics of surrounding trees to compare characteristics of used versus available trees.
These data represent capture mark recapture data along with associated disease status for boreal toads (Anaxyrus boreas) from Wyoming and Montana from 2004-2016 and four frog species (Rana draytonii, R. muscosa, R. pretiosa, R. sierrae) from 2001-2016.
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