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U.S. Forest Service

U.S. Forest Service
The Forest Service was established in 1905 and is an agency of the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The Forest Service manages public lands in national forests and grasslands, which encompass 193 million acres.

1400 Independence Ave., SW
Washington , D.C. 20250
Oblique aerial view of Mount St. Helens before the May 18, 1980, eruption, as seen from Bear Cove, Spirit Lake. Lake visible in foreground. Skamania County, Washington. August 1973.
This Report provides a strategic approach for conservation of sagebrush ecosystems and Greater SageGrouse (sage-grouse) that focuses specifically on habitat threats caused by invasive annual grasses and altered fire regimes. It uses information on factors that influence (1) sagebrush ecosystem resilience to disturbance and resistance to invasive annual grasses and (2) distribution, relative abundance, and persistence of sage-grouse populations to develop management strategies at both landscape and site scales. A sage-grouse habitat matrix links relative resilience and resistance of sagebrush ecosystems with sage-grouse habitat requirements for landscape cover of sagebrush to help decision makers assess risks and...
Fishes of the Upper Colorado River Basin have one of the highest levels of endemism in the United States. The range and abundance of these fish has declined over the last century and continues to decline as a result of legacy impacts from past management practices, current water management, interactions with non-natives, and other impacts. Seven of these fish are considered imperiled by the American Fisheries Society and four are listed as endangered by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. We applied a complementarity-based approach to develop priority ranks (0 – 1; low to high) for catchments in the Upper Colorado River Basin. We used methods and a framework that we had previously developed for the Lower Colorado...
Caption on back of photograph: Madison Canyon Earthquake. Waterfalls over fault crossing Cabin Creek. Fault is the result of earthquake of 8-17-59. Gallatin National Forest. Index card unavailable.
Data set represents segments of the National Wild and Scenic River System for Wyoming wit ha 1/4 mile buffer around the line feature.
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