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Deprecated[17193] Patuxent Wildlife Research Center

These data describe the status of eggs in nests which had a foster egg added to them as part of an effort to relocate a common tern colony on Poplar Island. One data file (McGowanEtAl2018_FosterNestData_Data.csv) contains the data regarding the observations, while one definitions file (McGowanEtAl2018_FosterNestData_Definitions.csv) details the data.
These data identify the time (0-1 min, 1-2 min,or 2-3 min) and distance (≤50 meters, >50 meters) category when birds were first detected during 3-minutes point counts at stop locations associated with North American Breeding Bird Survey routes or route equivalents that were surveyed on dates between 2009 and 2016 and provide point location coordinates of stop locations along North American Breeding Bird Survey routes or route equivalents within (or within 60 miles) the Gulf Coastal Plains & Ozarks Landscape Conservation Cooperative boundary.
This SSP project resulted in three publications focused on production and availabilty of seeds for waterfowl.
Understanding effects of flow alteration on stream biota is essential to developing ecologically sustainable water supply strategies. We evaluated effects of altering flows via surface water withdrawals and instream reservoirs on stream fish assemblages, and compared effects with other hypothesized drivers of species richness and assemblage composition. We sampled fishes during three years in 28 streams used for municipal water supply in the Piedmont region of Georgia, U.S.A. Study sites had permitted average withdrawal rates that ranged from < 0.05 to > 13 times the stream's seven-day, ten-year recurrence low flow (7Q10), and were located directly downstream either from a water supply reservoir or from a withdrawal...
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