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Deprecated[17067] Virginia Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit

This SSP project resulted in production of a thesis: Differences in oxygen consumption and critical oxygen levels of five stream fishes. Metabolic rate represents an integrated measure of a fish's physiology, particularly as it relates to stressors. A metric that is commonly used to determine the hypoxia tolerance of fishes is the determination of animal oxygen consumption rate (MO2), which is thought to reflect the ability of an organism to extract oxygen from the environment to maintain routine metabolic rate as dissolved oxygen (DO) decreases. We used respirometry to quantify the influence of two abiotic factors as potential stressors on stream fishes: temperature and dissolved oxygen. We determined standard...
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Upland pine ecosystems in USFWS Region 4 can support many trust species, but management is often directed at only a single species. At Piedmont NWR in central Georgia, management is focused on the Red-cockaded Woodpecker, but several other species (including Bachman’s Sparrow and Northern Bobwhite) could be benefited by slight alterations to management (e.g., more frequent burning or smaller burn units). We will build habitat use models using remotely sensed data and existing information on species occurrence at Piedmont NWR to determine how each of these species responds to management related to prescribed burning. We will then estimate how well these models perform both at Piedmont NWR (using newly collected groundtruthing...
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