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Katherine J Whidden

Supervisory Research Geologist

Central Energy Resources Science Center

Office Phone: 303-236-7788
Fax: 303-236-0459
ORCID: 0000-0002-7841-2553

Supervisor: Ofori N Pearson
This data release contains the boundaries of assessment units and input data for the assessment of undiscovered oil and gas in the Eagle Ford group and Associated Cenomanian-Turonian Strata, Texas Gulf Coast. The Assessment Unit is the fundamental unit used in the National Assessment Project for the assessment of undiscovered oil and gas resources. The Assessment Unit is defined within the context of the higher-level Total Petroleum System. The Assessment Unit is shown herein as a geographic boundary interpreted, defined, and mapped by the geologist responsible for the province and incorporates a set of known or postulated oil and (or) gas accumulations sharing similar geologic, geographic, and temporal properties...
Categories: Data; Types: Downloadable, Map Service, OGC WFS Layer, OGC WMS Layer, Shapefile; Tags: Assessment Unit, Cenomanian-Turonian Downdip Continuous Gas, Cenomanian-Turonian Mudstone Continuous Gas, Cenomanian-Turonian Mudstone Continuous Oil, Continuous Assessment Unit, All tags...
The Middle–Upper Triassic Shublik Formation is the main source rock for Arctic Alaska oil and gas accumulations, including the supergiant Prudhoe Bay field. A revised stratigraphic framework recently has been developed in outcrop for the Shublik and related strata that delineates three large-scale stratigraphic units: 1) the lower clastic (LC) unit, 2) the middle carbonate-chert (MCC) unit, and 3) the upper clastic-carbonate (UCC) unit. The three stratigraphic units were interpreted to comprise five transgressive-regressive (T-R) sequences (LC1, MCC1, MCC2, MCC3, and UCC1). This outcrop-based framework has been extended to the subsurface of the Alaska North Slope using gamma-ray logs from 161 exploration wells....
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