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David L Blodgett

Civil Engineer

Office of the Chief Operating Officer

Office Phone: 608-628-5855
ORCID: 0000-0001-9489-1710

8505 Research Way
8505 Research Way
Middleton , WI 53562-3581

Supervisor: Roland Viger
This module is a product of the 2012 CDI-funded project Python port of Geo Data Portal (GDP) client tools (WPS) with hooks for ArcGIS Toolbox. The purpose of the module is to increase the functionality of the USGS Geo Data Portal (GDP). The GDP, developed by USGS’s Center for Integrated Data Analytics, provides a powerful functionality to process climate and other large remote gridded data, returning summary statistics and areal tabulations over user specified areas. Currently the user interface is an interactive web form, returning a CSV table. This work allows users to access the functionality directly via a GDP Python module. Benefits: Enables scientists to bring subsets of climate models and other GDP...
CDI helped fund development of the USGS Geo Data Portal in 2010. In 2012, CDI funded two projects to increase the functionality of the Geo Data Portal. The Resources section below contains links to the Geo Data Portal website and deliverables from the 2012 projects. Description of the Geo Data Portal from the Geo Data Portal documentation home : The USGS Geo Data Portal (GDP) project provides scientists and environmental resource managers access to downscaled climate projections and other data resources that are otherwise difficult to access and manipulate. This user interface demonstrates an example implementation of the GDP project web-service software and standards-based data integration strategy. A user...
GeoData Portal Python Toolkit pyGDP provides a fast and efficient way of making calls to the USGS GeoData Portal from a python environment. Data format: delimited text, NetCDF, GeoTIFF, Python/Numpy array. pyGDP has the following alogrithms: - FeatureCategoricalGridCoverage - FeatureWeightedGridStatistics - FeatureCoverageOPenDap - FeatureCoverageWCSIntersection
Categories: Data; Types: Application, GeoTIFF
Description of Work U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) will provide easily accessible, centrally located, USGS biological, water resources, geological, and geospatial datasets for Great Lakes basin restoration activities coordinated with GLOS. Managers, partners and the public will be able to readily access this information in usable interactive formats to help plan and implement restoration activities. Building tools and infrastructure to support standard data access, efficient data discovery and dynamic mapping of watersheds and their hydrologic properties. Developing decision support tools to enhance scientific investigation or disseminate project findings, for example integrating hydrologic models with real-time...
The California Climate Commons (CCC) and USGS Geo Data Portal (GDP) teams have collaborated to curate and host California and Great Basin Characterization Model (BCM) results. The CCC has successfully set up a web-server and installed needed software to serve these model results using data and web service standards that are compatible with the GDP. All raw monthly data has been transferred to the GDP team for processing and metadata development for hosting on the GDP. The GDP and CCC teams have made significant progress in converting raw BCM model data to archive formats and are moving forward as planned. The project experienced delays in transferring funds to the Point Blue Conservation Science team responsible...
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