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Colin F Williams

The data in the csv and text files provided in this release are an update to the data tables originally published in USGS Open-File Report (OFR) 83-250 ( Those data were published as paper tables and have until now only been available as pdf image documents that were not machine readable. USGS OFR 83-250 presented data for 2071 geothermal sites which are representative of 1168 low-temperature geothermal systems identified in 26 states. The low-temperature geothermal systems consist of 978 isolated hydrothermal-convection systems, 148 delineated-area hydrothermal-convection systems, and 42 delineated-area conduction-dominated systems. The basic data and estimates of reservoir conditions...
This layer contains the locations of identified moderate (90 - 150° C) and high (> 150° C) temperature geothermal systems and associated reservoir volumes, temperatures, and estimated electric power generation potential. These results were used in characterizing the geothermal resource potential in the United States. This is to be used to identify locations and characteristics of identified geothermal systems
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